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/ ZWM2

This pattern has been specifically designed for muddy soil. Large voids helps in better traction. The orientation of the tread buttons give extra grip on slushy terrain. Narrow tread width helps in digging into muddy soil easily to give good traction.

Radial - Tubeless

Pattern Tyre Size Side RRW* (inch) Section Width Tread Width Overall Diametre NSD Compound Usage Remarks
ZWM2 205/65-15 NA 6 205 135 645 11.6 H/M/S Wet and Mud Medium Grooves


*RRW – Recommended Rim Width in inches

  • All the above tyre dimensions are in Millimeters (mm), rounded off to nearest values.
  • Specified dimensions are design values and are subject to change by the manufacturer at any time.
  • Every 0.5 inch difference in rim width from that specified above will result in a + 5mm change in section width.
  • Compound/usage to be decided by the driver/team based on terrain, weather and other conditions.
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