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/ ZTW2

Designed for wet/ damp (asphalt) tarmac rally/ circuit racing. Its 4-rib pattern with improved water channeling enhances the performance when the tarmac is wet.

Radial - Tubeless

Pattern Tyre Size Side RRW* (inch) Section Width Tread Width Overall Diametre NSD Compound Usage Remarks
ZTW2 185/55-14 5.5 180 170 560 5.6 S/W Wet
ZTW2 185/60-15 5.5 190 175 600 5.6 S/W Wet


*RRW – Recommended Rim Width in inches

  • All the above tyre dimensions are in Millimeters (mm), rounded off to nearest values.
  • Specified dimensions are design values and are subject to change by the manufacturer at any time.
  • Every 0.5 inch difference in rim width from that specified above will result in a + 5mm change in section width.
  • Compound/usage to be decided by the driver/team based on terrain, weather and other conditions.
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